Below are some of the print anthologies, journals and magazines that have featured my writings. Most of the publications listed were printed in limited editions and some of them may have sold out.

Publication: The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 8 (Ed. Carl Abrahamsson), Trapart, 2016

Featured text: We Ate the Acid: A Note on Psychedelic Imagery

Publication: Out of the Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press (Eds. Robert Dickins and Tim Read), Muswell Hill Press, 2015

Featured text: Seismographic Psychedelia: The Direct Influence of Psychedelics on Art

Publication: The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 7 (Ed. Carl Abrahamsson), Edda Publishing, 2014

Featured text: Visionary Design: An Exposition of Book Covers in Psychedelic Literature

Note: The issue also features the last published text by late psychedelic researcher Patrick Lundborg.

Publication: Papi Tidskrift, no. 16/17 (Eds. Henrik Dahl and EvaMarie Lindahl), 2012

Featured text: Foreword

Note: Papi Tidskrift was a palm-sized literature and art journal produced in Malmö, Sweden. In 2012, artist EvaMarie Lindahl and I co-edited an issue dedicated to the topic of intoxication.

Publication: Filter, no. 28, 2012

Text: Alternativ Terapi (lit. “alternative therapy”)

Note: Perhaps as a sign of the “mainstreaming of psychedelics,” Swedish newsstand magazine Filter did a feature on ayahuasca in 2012. Complementing it was my text on underground psychedelic therapy in Lund, Sweden in the 1980s.

Publication: Trans/Wizje, no. 2, 2012

Featured text: A Correspondence with Tim Scully (translated into Polish)